what no one tells you about moving in together

Instead of cleaning out our house, we just decided to move to a new one.

Kidding. (Kind of.)
We still have to clean out our old house, but we DID move to a new house!

Well, we’re in the process of moving in, but no need to get technical. After 3 months of spending more time on Zillow than Instagram, annoying the hell out of communicating with realtor, riding the emotional roller coaster of a market where houses are under contract in less than 24 hours – we found THE house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1.5 acres, huge back porch, newly remodeled… It was exactly what we had been searching for – a unicorn.

After 3 other homes had fallen through for us, this time – we got it! The next month was full of the normal flood of paperwork, inspections, and appraisals. Now we’ve got the keys, and we’ve finally had (a little) time to breathe.

Things are so far so good for us, mainly thanks to the great advice we’ve received from family and friends. But, there’s been a few things that no one really warned us about that come along with the process…

Shopping for furniture/appliances is WAY harder than you think

For us, it came in the form of buying a new refrigerator (and now dresser – but we’ll get to that). We got pretty lucky that our new house came equipped with a new dishwasher, oven, and microwave, so all we needed to pick out was a fridge. Sounds easy, right? GOOD JOKE. I can’t tell you how many times we went back and forth between french doors and side-by-sides, ice makers and water dispensers,  what size to get. (We decided on a big side-by-side with ice and water – great decision.)

Don’t even try to count the trips you make to Lowes/Home Depot

I’m pretty sure we’re officially on a first name basis with the people who work in the appliance, flooring, and hardware departments at our local Lowes. (Hey Chris, Devon, and Jeff!) At some point, all of the toilet paper holders and towel racks start to run together, and you really contemplate the idea of putting up a $375 sliding barn door instead of a $25 baby gate to corral your dogs while you’re gone. It happens to the best of us.

Be willing to compromise on what gets kept and what goes

If you’re anything like we were, we both had a full set of household things – especially kitchen utensils and furniture. I’m talking 7 ladels, 6 spatulas, 4 whisks and can openers, and 2 full sets of dishes and silverware. (And 2 couches, 2 recliners, 3 beds, and 4 tvs.) Luckily for us, we were both extremely willing to compromise on what gets to stay. Needless to say though, after all those trips to the Goodwill donation center, Lowes isn’t the only place we’re now on a first name basis!

Shit happens. 

I feel like this one should go without saying… But when your dresser falls out of the back of the truck en route, or when you bust a water pipe connecting the new refrigerator, or the dogs tear down the curtain rod you JUST HUNG  –  it can be really easy to let it get the best of you. Step back, take a deep breath. You’ll probably laugh about it someday. Not today. But, you know, someday.

Make the most of these moments together 

Maybe this won’t be the only move you go through together, or maybe this really will be your “forever home.” No matter what the case may be, you only move in together for the first time once. It is stressful, I won’t lie. But it’s worth it. Sure, I’ve missed out on our weekly ‘date nights’ – but I wouldn’t trade a trip to Lowes, chasing each other around the parking lot, and eating fast food on the way home (because our table is covered in boxes) for the world right now.


We should finally be finished moving in this weekend (fingers crossed) thanks to my parents coming into town to help out. Needless to say, I’m itching to get unpacked and start ‘nesting’ – since LJ says I have to wait until we get everything moved to unpack. (This picture is the exact look on his face when I start unpacking boxes while we’re still in the process of moving everything over from the old house. )

It’s been a learning curve for certain, but when you work together as a team – it goes way more smoothly than you might think. Even when you have those moments in Lowes when you’re wondering how anyone ever makes a firm decision with sooooo manyyyyy choices there.

When people asked me if I was nervous to move in together, my answer was – without hesitation – a huge ‘no.’  We thought we knew what we were getting into, and in some ways we did. In other ways, we literally had no idea what was ahead of us. But man, if it isn’t a rewarding feeling to turn the lock and know that you get to share a home with your best friend. No matter many boxes there are left to unpack, you’re in it together.

Embrace the unexpected. Have a little fun, and a lot of wine.

Oh, and make about 10 spare keys.