Gift Guide: Hostess with the Mostess

Back up North we called them “hostess gifts.” Down here in the South, we call them “surcees.”

Whatever you call it, it is a great touch to bring one along when attending a holiday gathering hosted by someone else. In fact, some may consider it the ‘golden rule’ of attendees. But, while the thought is there, sometimes doing the right thing (and picking out the right gift) can feel like an impossible task… Especially with the added stress of holiday travel and other loose ends to tie up before Christmas.

I mean, sure, you could resort to the tried and true bottle of wine – but do you really want to bring the same thing everyone else will? There’s no need to fret, when you can bring a surcee that will be remembered by your host year after year. And there’s no need to worry if your wallet is feeling a little tight – there are plenty of unique and thoughtful items to fit every budget!

I’ve gathered some of my favorite, and unique, gift ideas for hostesses of every style and taste:


For the hostess who prefers bourbon to Bordeaux:

Fitz and Floyd Luster Decanter, Gold ($25.99)

Not only does this decanter have 5 stars and free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime, it also has the potential to add the perfect splash of sparkle to any bar (cart). This makes the perfect gift alone, or if you’re looking to add a little something, pair it with a bottle of her favorite bourbon. Fitz and Floyd also offers matching stemless glassed (set of 4) and a matching glass ice bucket! I love a practical gift that can be used year-round, which is why this tops the list.





For the hostess who loves her morning cup o’ joe:

 Personalized mug, like this one from Evelyn Henson ($22.00)

There’s something so special about receiving a gift that is personalized to you – and thanks to sites like Etsy and designers like Evelyn Henson, there’s something for everyone! I picked this particular mug, because I love the idea of highlighting what is most important to the person. Does your hostess really love her city? Or even really loves her cat or dog (Evelyn has personalized pet mugs on her website, too!)




For the modern hostess with a green thumb:

Dainty potted succulent plants, ($13.95)

Succulents have been all the rage recently, and I’m not shocked one bit. Not only are they cute as hell – they are easy to maintain, fire-resistant and fire-retardant, have fun geometric shapes and colors, and come in all shapes and sizes. The pots I have linked do not include the plants themselves, but with the uptick in popularity, it should be relatively easy to locate just the right plant for your hostess and her style.




For the total bookworm:

Personalized bookmark, ($14.40)

In a tech-obsessed world, don’t forget to nurture the more nostalgic side of your favorite bookworm who prefers a paperback over a kindle (myself included!) I love this particular bookmark a ton because not only is it high quality and hand made, it comes in a variety of colors as well. I also love the tab that it has at the top, as opposed to a more ‘traditional’ bookmark.




For the tech-obsessed (or maybe just way more tech-savvy than most):

STAK Bloom Phone Case, ($32.) 

I’ve seen something similar to this before (with a MUCH higher price tag) and fell in love instantly – how cute is this little charging dock? A versatile gift for a hostess, that can be used at home, at the office, anywhere! If you know the color scheme of her home, or her favorite flower, you could even pop a few stems in and wa-la. I know I’m not going to be a hostess this year, but if anyone wanted to send one my way… I probably wouldn’t be the least bit mad about it.






When choosing a hostess gift, the most important thing to keep in mind is what HER tastes are. Keep in mind that, while you may think something is completely darling, it may not fit her style. Your price point also definitely depends on how well you know the person – so don’t feel bad about bringing along that trusty bottle of wine! But, I would suggest picking up a cute bottle bag and a brand a little more off the beaten path. (There is a winery just down from my parents’ house, and I love giving their wine as gifts!)

No matter what you choose to gift to your hostess with the mostess this holiday, make sure it is thoughtful and from the heart. You can’t put a price tag on a gift from the heart.