The year I started out (quite happily) half-asleep beside a sweet boy with a bottle of champagne in my hand.

The year that I made (another) 500+ mile move. This time to the place my heart has been longing for for the better part of 4 years. The year I finally kept the promise to my 19 year old self, and began to call the great state of South Carolina my home.

The year I stepped back from politics, and began the journey of finding my place in the world of bullpen-style offices and cutthroat sales environments. The year I found out that, maybe I’m not cut out to be a salesperson – and started over again.

The year that sweet boy and I took our first of many vacations together, and took on Houston and Matagorda County together. The year we fell even more in love over gelato and wall murals, the Waterwall, Josh Abbott Band and Shiner Bock in a can.

The year I introduced that sweet boy to my parents, and then flew to Delaware and met his (entire) family. The year we took witness to four sets of wedding vows, and too many proposals to count our friends ask their future wives to do the same.

The year we checked 11 states off of our list together, including: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. The year we promised to make it a full 50 someday.

The year I turned 23, that wicked age where no one likes you – according to Blink182 anyway.The year we celebrated by taking our pups for an Independence Day hike, a date to the brewery where we had our first date, and two incredible dinners.

The year I remembered how to be on my own, while that sweet boy traveled to Europe and then Phoenix. The year I learned how strong I was, when I found myself at home alone with 2 dogs in 115° weather, a lightning-fried A/C unit, and no wifi.

The year we moved in together. After months of house shopping, more than a few tears, and thanks to an incredible realtor – it was into our very first house at that. The year that sweet boy and I learned about home ownership and cohabitation.

The year I made my mental health a priority, and took the first step to owning my anxiety and stress. The year I learned how to say no, the importance of putting myself first from time to time, and the world of difference taking care of yourself can make.

It was a year of transition. A year of growth, and of the subsequent growing pains.

As I look back on 2017, I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned and speed bumps I’ve tripped over. It was a tough year for the world around me, but on a personal level, it was kinder to me than 2016 was. Even still, I’m ready to close the chapter.

I have no idea what 2018 will bring along – undoubtedly more lessons to learn and mountains to climb.
But, I’m welcoming the next trip around the sun with an open heart and outstretched arms.

Maybe by this time I’ll spreche fließend Deutsch and be somewhere completely different in my path of life.
Or maybe it will look a bit like today does – and if that’s the case, that will be okay too.

Thanks for sticking out 2017 with me, y’all. See you next year!


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