confessions of a hometown tourist

I’ve been in a pit of dispair little bit of a funk over the last few days. Between already fighting a vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder, cold, dreary weather and being back in the office after the holidays, it’s been a challenge to bring up my mood in the first place. Pair that withRead more

words from the window seat

I won’t even begin to pretend otherwise – I’m one of those weirdos who loves airports. Sure, they can be crowded and stressful and hotter than the gates of Hell (looking at you, ATL) – but there’s something special about them that I just can’t quite put my finger on. I mean, think about it.Read more

boos + brews: date night asheville-style

I may not be a beer connoisseur – but I can always be tempted with a good time.

41° 29′ N 80° 12′ W

I’ve shared before about my hometown, and how (metaphorically) scratching my number off the population sign changed my perspective of life in an itty-bitty farm town. It has been 1,190 days since I packed my entire life into the back of my dad’s pickup truck and took off for those big city lights. It took me overRead more

the sun shines bright

I came to you a barely eighteen, bright-eyed dreamer, determined to change the world. How little did I ever expect that the true change would come to me instead? To me you were an escape from the microscope of a small town, the first page of a new chapter in my life. You were a sparklingRead more