standing outside the fire

May 31st — what a day.  Where do I even begin? I feel as though I should start by remembering an event that happened 9 years before I was born, but continues to shape my life in inexplicable ways. May 31st, 1985, 21 tornadoes were recorded across western and central Pennsylvania, 8 of them classifiedRead more

confessions of a recovering perfectionist

Do you ever have those days where you question every single decision you’ve ever made in your life, right down to why on Earth you ever thought that that pink puffy winter jacket you had in second grade was ever okay? That was pretty much the entire year of 2014 for me. For so long I feltRead more

An Open Letter To The One Who Holds My Heart

When I was a little girl, playing Cinderella and imagining my Prince Charming, I naively allowed myself to believe he would come riding in with the sunset on a noble white steed and whisk me away to a castle far away where we would live happily ever after. All these years later, and you tumbled intoRead more