boos + brews: date night asheville-style

I may not be a beer connoisseur – but I can always be tempted with a good time.

41° 29′ N 80° 12′ W

I’ve shared before about my hometown, and how (metaphorically) scratching my number off the population sign changed my perspective of life in an itty-bitty farm town. It has been 1,190 days since I packed my entire life into the back of my dad’s pickup truck and took off for those big city lights. It took me overRead more

pop, fizz, clink!

21 days, less than 0.3% of my life, is all that stands between me and my 21st birthday. I’m still not sure that it has really hit me yet, I feel like it was yesterday that I was turning 16 and going to the DMV to take my driver’s test. I constantly find myself wonderingRead more