ho-ho-how to: splitting holiday time

With Thanksgiving just 10 days away (wasn’t it just summer like.. yesterday?!) if you’re anything like us and putting off those questions of “What’s your plan for the holidays?” until the very last minute.. Time is up. Let the reindeer games begin, y’all! This is the first year we’ve had to have the “where are weRead more

boos + brews: date night asheville-style

I may not be a beer connoisseur – but I can always be tempted with a good time.

be where your feet are

Be where your feet are. Enjoy the day. There’ll be a day where there won’t be another day.

esse quam videri

Here’s to chasing dreams, love, and a life full of laughter.
But most of all – here’s to being, rather than seeming to be.

my darling, look this way 

You spend your days looking. Looking down at your computer screen, answering the barrage of emails that snuck into your inbox overnight. Looking up at the sky, drinking in the sunset bursting across the horizon. Looking aroundat the world surrounding you, trying to ind your place amongst the crowd. I spend my days looking around,Read more

a thursday kind of love

(Inspired by I Want A Tuesday Kind of Love“) I want a Thursday kind of love. The kind of sunrise that, despite the weight of the week behind standing on your shoulders, brings along a glimmering hope for the days ahead. A day far past the Monday morning thirst for coffee that is never quite strong enough, offeringRead more

love me next

The next man who loves me will not be the first, and maybe he won’t be the last. But if he’s crazy enough to fall for a girl like me… There are some things I want him to know. Starting this with an apology feels odd, but I have always been an upfront person. I’mRead more

the girl who has it all together

When I say I know your type, I mean it. I say it with full conviction because.. well.. I am one of you. If you’re reading this, please just take in what I am about to say with this in mind. I have a love-hate relationship with how connected I am to the world aroundRead more